Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day = REALLY LONG!!!

Christmas Day where to begin...

Sleep was good, but lacking for the excitement that was coming that morning.
Got up at 9:15 am with a call from mom saying come on over to help set up for breakfast... Dad made me happy and made the traditional dropped eggs on toast, bacon, and OJ!!! Tim, Amanda, and the babe came down and ate with us.
We then opened our presents, Hailey, of course, receiving the most presents... I got a great Patriots sweater... GO PATS!!! Mom and dad got me blinds for my window ( I work 3rd shift, sleep is hard when the sun beams you in the face) and a brand new TV and entertainment stand, which looks awesome!
FYI: Mom also helped we clean and re-setup my room, it looks so nice now!
Now the fun part...
The adventurous trip... 95 Miles north...
At about 3:30 pm or so, I headed up north to be with Laura and her family, after crazy holiday traffic and a stop at Starbucks and an hour and 40 minutes or so I arrived, the house was surrounded by cars, when Laura said family, she meant her WHOLE family, who i've already met most of them, so it wasn't that bad... Got in, we did the gift exchange, I got her parents a giftcard to Olive Garden - a dinner for 2 and Laura got the Softest blanket on the Face of the Earth from Bath and Body Works... Needless to say she loved it. Her parents got me a giftcard to The Pizza Stone, some amazing new drumsticks, and some really comfy new soft PJ pants. Laura got me junk food, junk food, a wicked nice ring, a super comfy shirt, an aromatherapy mint pack, and did I mention junk food? Yes, yes I did... The rest of the night we played on their new Nintendo Wii and Laura and I watched Music and Lyrics, and finally after a fun filled (Tiring) day we went to sleep, 6 hrs of sleep we woke back up and I headed home! Then friends, travel, work, and moving i'm about to finally sleep again!
Good Night to All!
Matt out! Peace...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snowed In

So, Monday was our first big snow of the season. I (Laura) was supposed to work Monday night, but called out early because I knew a storm was coming, and was walkin' in a winter wonderland with Matt, Karen and Meesh all day on Monday. We had a great day of sledding, jumping into snowbanks, board games, and twister moves. Oh, and pizza :).

I still had to drive in the snow on Tuesday morning though, which stunk, especially since my class should have been cancelled, or the school should have at least been delayed.

Oh well, sometimes you just have to drive in the snow.