Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Addition

For the sake of chronicling important life events (even though everyone already knows at this point) Matt and I are happy to announce....

Baby Stevens at 8w 5d gestation. Baby is now 14w 4d gestation and approximately the size of a nectarine. We have our next ultrasound April 17th when we find out the gender (providing we can get the offspring of Matt to cooperate, of course)

A co-worker also suggested I keep a journal of all the interesting pregnancy things that happen so that I can laugh at myself later, so here goes:

Pregnancy Dreams:
  • I had one dream where I was told I was having twin girls. Except I wasn't pregnant with babies, I was pregnant with clams. Of course dream me was justifiably upset.
  • I had another dream where I actually had the baby and was taking care of it. Labor was surprisingly easy and for some reason the baby never cried or seemed hungry. I was a little concerned, but mostly just kept sleeping. Until someone informed me 5-6 months later that I was never pregnant, never had a baby, but rather had an emotional breakdown and I had made it all up in my mind and had instead been trying to nurse a tonka truck for the past 5-6 months.
  • My co-worker (who just got a bunch of pet ducks in real life) had adopted a bunch of kangaroos, but had worked out a contract with them that they couldn't leave the dining room unless they all got a bag of chocolate coins and the door was left open. I gave them all chocolate coins but didn't make it to close the door before all hell broke loose and the house was overrun with kangaroos. I tried to contain them but could not because all the doors in the house were sticking and wouldn't close/lock properly. My dad, in real life, came and fixed all the doors in my house that were sticking the evening after this dream took place.
Pregnancy Brain Moments:
  • I called myself "Laurie." Whoops.
  • I could not locate where I kept the pot holders in my own home. It took 3 half-minded and 2 well thought out attempts to find them, and even then I was only 70% sure I was opening the correct drawer.
  • I made myself hot chocolate with a single serve coffee pot at work. I put the mug in the machine upside down so all the liquid just flowed all over the counter/floor.
I would also like to point out that while I have been completely miserable with morning sickness for the past 2.5 months, Matt has totally stepped up to the plate. He has been taking 5 classes this semester (to get his degree before baby), working 20-30hrs/week, doing all the housework, taking care of me and making me food (within his cooking limitations, of course. Although he did make some mean pancakes all on his own!) I never expected I would ever be this helpless, and I never expected Matt could do everything that he has been doing. He has grown so much since we've gotten married and I love him more everyday.