Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boogie Down

I don't remember whether or not I mentioned my Christmas gift to Matt... But anyway, it was dance lessons.

I told my mom, and she was thrilled (she's always wanted to take dance lessons, but my dad doesn't want to)

I told my co-workers, and they thought I was nuts! They were convinced that Matt would hate it. They laughed even harder when I told them we would probably be taking salsa. It was then that I really started to worry that he might not like my gift!

Although practicing times come few and far in between because we only see each other on the weekends when we have lessons anyway, I'd say they've been really fun! We've only had two lessons, since one was cancelled due to snow, but we're really learning a lot -- enough that it's fun to dance! Yay salsa (& meringue and bachata)!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Life has been passing on as normal. Nothing to blog about.

All I can say is that I'm transforming into a geek. We just got netflix, and I've been watching Heroes on my computer. Matt has always loved it, but I couldn't get it on my TV. The storyline is basically the same as X-men, but as the name suggests, all of the non-villain characters have an inherent urge to be a hero.

I've been cooking like crazy!

Steak Bits,
Bacon Wrapped appetizers,
Mystery Bread...

Check out www.thepioneerwoman.com/cooking for those recipes, plus a bunch more that I'm determined to try someday.

I think I'll make Banana Split Pie/Cake/Whatever the heck it is later :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

12 hours too late.

My first class was on Tuesday at 7, so Tuesday afternoon I patiently wait for 6:45 to roll around so I can go into the classroom... Except, when I go to my class, I see that the schedule has nothing posted for this time slot in this classroom. So I check my schedule online, and funny enough (not at the time) my class was scheduled for Tuesday at 7... AM.

Yeah. I dropped the class. Instead I have a class on Thursday, and yes, it's 7pm this time. I double checked. I'm hoping to have a Mon-Fri day job soon, so a class that early in the morning wouldn't work. Luckily I found a class I needed that still had all the requirements I was looking for: It was needed for my degree, started after 5pm, and was ITV, so if I have to relocate during the semester, I won't have to drop the class or travel to take the class.

Wow, I'm a boring writer. I can be funny in person, really!

Bunny Suicides?!

Apparently there is a book called "Bunny Suicides" in which 100 different bunnies find different ways to commit suicide. The article can be found here.

This book is in a school library? This book exists?! My small town school suffered from 4 or 5 student/former student suicides in like a year and a half. That might not sound like a lot to people from larger schools, but my senior class had like 80 students. I'm pretty positive that this book isn't going to help prevent any suicides, but from the looks of it, it appears to mock this tragedy.

What's worse, is when I voted on the reader opinion poll that the book should be banned, only 34% of readers agreed with me. I really can't believe that this book is actually in a place where a 13 year old could easily get it and laugh about it.

I'm sorry, but humor and suicide should not mix.

P.S. Here are some comics from the book. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way about how awful this really is, but I'm gonna warn you that they're semi-graphic. Ex: A bunny using a corkscrew on his head.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ahh, Relaxation.

I'm enjoying the calm before the storm. 2 weeks after classes ended I was still quite busy, with Christmas and New Years and all. Although, I definitely liked the holiday stress more than the finals stress. I had two days off in a row this week, and I did absolutely nothing! I sat in front of the TV, worked with pictures on my computer, and started reading a book.

Alas, classes once again start up on Tuesday. I'm not sure how ready I am. But this whole sitting around doing nothing thing is getting old faster than I thought it was.

In more interesting news... (at least more interesting to me..)

I was setting up Valentines day decorations, cheap gifts, and classroom handouts at work a week or so ago, and I was just amazed by the... "Cheapness" of it all. Cardboard heart cutouts, sweetheart candies, and heart shaped cookie cutters... I'm really starting to "develop" a style, so to say, and that is not it. Decorating with paper and glitter just doesn't appease me [I just looked at my New Years post... Decorating MYSELF with paper and glitter is OK. Just not my house]. And then I got to thinking about the whole gift giving scene that comes along with valentines day... Matt's more into it, but I would rather just go out on a date.

Anyway, down to the point.... I brought up the idea to him of (in lieu of giving each other presents) we each save up a little money and take a day trip to Boston! Boston isn't my first choice of somewhere to travel, but it's the only place that's really close enough to go without having to spend the night somewhere.

I wanna take the train there, for two reasons...
1: It's just more FUN!
2: I hated driving through Boston when I had to, and if Matt was driving I'd have a heart attack (I already get nervous enough when he drives through Portsmouth!)
And we'll go out to eat while we're there...
And maybe go to the Museum of Science? I really don't know what Boston has to offer..

Any ideas?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Picture woes

I am currently in the process of uploading all my pictures onto the web. Just in case my computer peters out and the backup CD's i've burned get lost in a house fire... Or something of the sort.

Let's just say, when you have about 3GB of pictures on your PC, there is a LOT of uploading to do. and a lot of praying that you won't have to pay to upgrade with that many pictures!

Festivities is RIGHT

Family resemblance?

we nuts.

No, wait... Karen's nuts!

Two cameras. Both flashed at the same time.

Matt the model

There she is with that tongue!

Chelsea played "princesses" with Hailey, and was therefore: her best friend.

Happy 2009!