Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In the past 3 hours...

I have looked at 23 different photographers websites.

The one I would have chosen in a heartbeat due to quality and price is booked on the day that will probably be my wedding.

How many other top choices will be booked?! I need to set a date NOW! lol

Out of those 23 I've picked 10 top contenders, of which 7 I can really choose from (due to booking and pricing.) And I don't know the availability of any of those photographers and I don't know the prices for 5 out of those seven.

I have a feeling this photographer picking thing isn't going to be easy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, the Irony!

In the "about us" over in the side you'll read that although Matt and I knew each other and were friends prior to Camp Agassiz, it's right after camp that we really got to know each other. What you don't know (and what Matt didn't know until today) is a dream that I had at camp. It's so funny to look back now.

It was maybe the second day of camp, and Matt had been really busy thus far and we didn't really hang out that much, but that night I had a dream that we were at that camp, and his dad married us! There were some other things, I don't really remember the dream that well now, but I DO remember what I thought of when I woke up: "What am I crazy, Matt and I would never get married! Heck, I probably wouldn't date him even if he asked!"

... Two weeks later, our relationship started.
... Two years later, our wedding planning begins!

Oh, the irony.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

: D

Matt and I have had a lovely weekend so far!

We haven't really done anything special, but we've just been enjoying being with each other.

Tomorrow we're going to be calling a few possible reception places. Hopefully we'll have a date soon enough!

Yay! I've been so giddy this weekend!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mother of Pearl!

Or my mother's pearls...

They can and will be repaired! Yay!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Favorites

Pastor Anthony (Matt's dad) took some pictures of us the day after Valentines Day -- Here are my favorites.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Story

So, if you didn't already know or didn't guess from the two previous posts,


Yep. And you all want to know how he did it. Well. I've had a couple requests.

The night before Valentines Day Matt asked if I wanted to get up early to see the sunset (yes, he said sunset, but I still said OK.) And so at 6:42 we rushed all the way there because Matt was convinced we wouldn't make it there in time for the sunrise (which is SO unlike him). We went to the top of Garrison Hill Tower in Dover, NH (you can see the picture in the previous post) and watched the sunrise! Shortly after the sun was fully up this is what my memory retained as far as conversation:

Matt: *says something sappy*
Me: You're a sap!
Matt *responds with something about how I love that he's a sap*
Me: *Says something about love or whatever*
Matt: More than you know *get's down on one knee* Will you marry me?
Me: ....
Me: You're a sap!
Me: *nods head, hug, smile*
Matt: I'm glad you said yes!
Me: What would you have done if i said 'no?!'
Matt: I would have jumped off the tower (which is like 6 stories)

And before you ask: I was half-way surprised. I was reserved about expecting it, but I had a few tip-offs.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

6:00am...............Wake up
6:20am...............Leave for Garrison Hill Tower
6:42am...............Watch the sunrise
6:44am...............Say "Yes"
7:00am...............Buy batteries for my camera
7:30am...............Get directions to the train station
7:45am...............Get breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts
8:00am...............Leave for Boston
10:00am............Arrive at the Boston Museum of Science
10:15am.............Check out some really awesome butterflies!
10:30am.............Look at some really cool exhibits
11:30am.............Watch "Fly Me to the Moon" in 3D
12:00pm............Explore the rest of the exhibits
1:15pm...............Discover I lost my camera
1:20pm...............Find a really cool guy looking for someone who lost a camera :D
2:00pm..............Watch some street performers do some break dancing
2:15pm...............Eat an early dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe
3:00pm..............Get car-sick on the subway and head home!

Happy Post #200! Pictures to come!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Favorite Story

Let me try and actually write this in story form, and not the ramble on type of writing that I tend to use in the blog...

I love staying out late during the early summer; even though the sun is gone, it's warmth still remains. If I could chose the weather, I would make every night like that night. I would always sleep under the stars.

That's just what I did that summer night. I slept under the stars with my two best friends. Now, I could lie to you. I could tell you that this was the perfect summer night: clear as Crystal with every star plainly shining back at us. But that would be a lie.

The only weather related perfection about that night was the temperature. Just maybe it was those pesky clouds blocking our view that was incubating Central Maine, keeping it at that perfect 68 degree weather all night long. However, that was not our focus that night. We talked of God, creation, and just how small we felt next to the distant stars that we could not see. If only the clouds would part, if just for a minute, so that we could see their magnificent beauty, we said.

We talked of some other things as well. Nothing I can remember, I suppose we talked of boys and church and school (and all the drama that comes with being a teenager). But the conversation was not what makes this my favorite story. We whispered and giggled, every so often hearing my brother talk to his computer in the house some 3 dozen feet away. During these mundane moments, a miracle happened.

No one was raised from the dead, no fatal illnesses were cured. No one trekked across the surface of the pool, and no one slayed a giant with a single stone. But God gave us an everyday sized miracle, just for us. The rest of the world probably did not notice, and the rest of the world probably did not care. The rest of the world was not looking, but we were. We watched as the clouds parted. They did not part completely; but a perfect circle had formed directly above where we lay. God exposed to us His glory, along with the moon and the stars that we so longed to look at that warm summer night. And then it was over.

As quickly as the clouds parted, they swept back together revealing only a dim glow where the moon reflected the sun's light behind the clouds. It was okay though; It was enough. The brief glimpse, the perfect circle... I suppose that if the clouds completely dissipated, this would not be my favorite story. That night the Red Sea parted for us; typical teenage girls living a life that seemed so mundane. What I know now is that there is no such thing as a mundane life.

My faith is the reason I know there was a miracle that night, and it is the miracle that night that keeps my faith alive. That's why this is my favorite story.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nothing Interesting

Things have been carrying on as usual.

Lack of (but some) work.
Dance Classes.

I find myself being more intolerant of intolerance. I'm a hypocrite.

Classes seem to be assigning more work than ever, but I'm not working very much, so it is very much handle-able.

I HAVE NOT BEEN SICK! I think I'm the only one left in the US. All of my family and all of Matt's family (including Matt) has been sick except for me. I haven't been sick since last March.