Friday, October 31, 2008

3 Tests down...

So I just completed the 3rd test of the semester, and after having 2 not so great scores, I'm finally feeling halfway confident about this one. We'll see how that goes.

In other news: there is none.

So... How about a story!!

The other day at work, we all had our faces painted as some of the guys on the higher part of the hierarchy of management were gonna show up, and we wanted to look spirited... Ally and I got the same design (mirrored) so that we were like each other's half. But then we didn't take if off, and hung out around augusta, and got some interesting looks. Ally tried on a kids size dress, and surprisingly it ALMOST fit! Umm.. we got slushies. We made them pretty. :)

Here's a couple of pics:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have TONS of homework! It's so backed up.. It might possibly have a little to do with procrastination... But there really is just barely enough time to pull it all off :(.

Matt and I will have a short visit this weekend (which is different from the past month and a half how??) but we've got some plans involving pumpkins and steak....

Also, I REALLY want to do just a pencil sketch soon, but my goodness I have no time! Hopefully I'll have one within 2 weeks.


Thursday, October 23, 2008


I admit it! I'm a sucker for a good hug... I broke down and ended up driving down to South Berwick for less than 24 hours on Tuesday/Wednesday. I left after work, arrived shortly before 6pm, and left SB at 3pm the next day, going straight back to work. It was fun though, we settled my stuff in a little, and then went to see FIREPROOF: Okay, so we're not married, but it was still an awesome movie that any couple could learn from. Matt has the book "The Love Dare," so he tells me, and I'm itching to buy fireproof the book. Like any non-hollywood movie, the acting could have been better, but after about 10 minutes you don't even notice. We're all spoiled if you ask me. All in all, it was an awesome movie that would make any woman with normal tear ducts cry. As I did. It was quite funny though, because although this really is like a chick flick, it's also a "couples" movie, so everyone in the theatre had a partner. Whenever there was a scene that warranted tear flow, you could hear the guy's laughing at their spouses. And the fact that the other guys in the audotorium were laughing only made the guys laugh even harder, because they all knew what the others were laughing about!

After that we got in some long awaited hugs and special matt/laura alone talking time, and I slept, he worked. I now have an air bed rather than the couch to sleep on, and it's so much better on my back, but the heat isn't as warm as it has been previously, and add that with the fact that an airbed doesnt absorb heat and is always cold... Then figure in the fact that I'm a walking icicle and used 2 comforters and a nap blanket all SUMMER (add in a down comforter in the winter)... And you've got me freezing my butt off! Note to self: pack extra blankets! (I only had one that night)

The next day we got my oil changed... ate at pizza hut.... and napped. It was a short, and other than the movie, it was an uneventful trip. But well worth the gas money, in my opinion. I really needed some hugs!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why am I not...

Part Indian-American?

I could use the massive amounts of scholarships they get. I've given up hope on finding any for myself at this point.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

I think....

That law firms just watch for products to be recalled so they can find people to pay them to sue the company that made the recalled product.

It sickens me.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy 34th Anniversary!

To my parents!!

I hope I will make it to 34 years someday!!

So, Matt and I can't see each other this week, but we surely did something interesting last week, so I thought I would post about that!

I made a new friend at work, so Matt and I got together with her and her fiance. Their names are Ally and Derek. We went to a Thai place, and after waiting 1 hour to order (we wouldn't stop talking long enough to read the menu) we had a lovely meal and I tried some fish-less sushi. We decided it was too early to call it a night, so we went to Dairy Queen and had some ice cream and played frisbee in the parking lot. Then we went geocaching. At 9pm. In the dark. In the woods. I was so afraid people were gonna hear us and call the cops thinking we were up to something bad, but we survived... Although we didn't find the cache :(.

Yeah, so I just spent the last 5 hours cleaning the house for my parents anniversary... I hope they can see/smell the difference when they get home!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


"Some of the most ordinary days for some people, ends up being an extraordinary day for others."

Etch a Sketch is taking a break. I'm still going to post my pictures, but I'm not going to hold myself to a timeline, I just don't have enough time in the week. I'm happy with the way the whole thing went though, I did like 10 straight pictures, which is more than I've ever done in that short of a time, and it has done it's purpose, which was to get me to draw more, and I plan on drawing/painting at least another 3 pictures before the end of this year, so I promise you'll still have something to look at! This blog is pretty boring without it! :-p

I feel a need to say something profound right now.... But nothing is coming to mind, so you'll have to live with the quote at the beginning of the post!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cake pt. II

Here is our humble little cake. I have no idea why Matt randomly decided he wanted to put a picture of it on here.


YES PEOPLE WE ARE MAKING A CAKE!!! w00t! More details to follow with pics!

Huzzah for cake making!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Picking Up....

Work has certainly been picking up lately. I know a lot of people at work are getting really stressed (it's pretty obvious) but I mean, it's usual Halloween stuff. Not saying I like the season, or its quirks... but geez people it's not gonna fall apart...

ok enough about silly work...

I bought some oil paints today, excited to try something new (I've been using acrylics thus far)

And I'm starting to think about Christmas!! I'm excited. I love Christmas.

Ranting 101

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it has begun, every week from this point forward I will have a rant blog on all the good, bad, and ugly going on in my life! So, where to start...

Generation Christ night went amazing, I sang with a shot voice, Brian drummed for the first time live, Jason finally played Bass live, w00t w00t! I sang... very very scary, I haven't been that nervous in a long time. Apparently it sounded alright (on my part) though everyone said the band sounded great, I was very glad to hear that.

Work... yep, this subject again, well I almost got canned last night cause of a situation that I can guarantee will never happen again. Long story, but it happened last month. I also was upset cause I get in a lot of trouble if I don't pitch the Add-Ons verbatim (word for word), and I found someone who made up their own script for it and ultimately, due to USA laws is considered credit card fraud, I tried to help him, he wouldn't hear me out, so I informed my manager of the situation and now I feel like a rat, and some people who called me "friend" now say they lost a lot of respect of me cause of that... I'm doing my job, does that make me deceitful? Am I throwing him under the bus cause of my "bad day"... I don't know anymore, I'm so confused and upset right now that I don't know what to say. But, whatever, whats done is done. I really believe I need to get out of this job and go somewhere else, its getting really bad. Please pray for me...

Sleep is still a no go. Went to bed this morning at 10..ish and woke up to my phone ringing at 12pm, and after that laid in bed till 2..ish unable to fall back asleep. And I have to work a really long shift tonight, due to missing some hours. Blah...

...And... I'm completely broke, so I won't be able to see Laura this weekend. At this point, crying sounds like a great option... I'll bring the cheese if anyone would like to join me.

Overall, this weeks been rough, and this is my rant, sorry for all the bad news, hopefully next week will be better!

God Bless
Edit: We worked it out, I am going to be able to see her for a little while, that makes things a little easier.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So Matt and I had a... Post weekend weekend visit.

It was my first visit to South Berwick in like... 3 weeks.

We... Played Zelda.

Saturday was pretty cool. I made a new friend.


No picture this week. I finished my painting like Monday morning (frame and all) and left for South Berwick, and this is the first time I have had anytime to work on it... and I have homework due tonight, and I have to work tonight... SOOOO... Yeah.

Monday, October 6, 2008


So yesterday Matt and I had a nice little trip to Portland.

We browsed the mall. Ate. And talked. That's about it.

I got some really cool scrapbooking stuff, a pair of capri's for next year, and some wedding wrapping paper.

Matt got a card, some dress shoes (50% off!!) and... Oh, a birthday gift for his mom.

We're gonna see each other again late tonight, until Wednesday afternoon. :-D I'm excited.

P.S. I think Matt will be doing a little more posting from now on -- Thanks Amanda ;-)!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


SpiritSword33 (9:29:40 AM): mhm, BLOG!
LrLsGll9656 (9:29:50 AM): what about the blog?
SpiritSword33 (9:29:55 AM): look
SpiritSword33 (9:30:55 AM): see
SpiritSword33 (9:30:58 AM): I can do it too

Apparently Matt is very proud of his cute little post.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Not too, bad. Sorry it's a couple days late. I had some major reworking to do. As it is, the eyes are still a little too high (and perhaps a little too big), the edges are a little rough, and my blending could use some work.

This is a shot of it with light behind it (it's also backwards). Everywhere that the sun can't really shine through has taken 2+ layers of paint. I'd go as far as to say some portions of the painting have 5+ layers of paint. Check out how dark the lips are, which I have redone probably 4 times. The eyes, too.


...and procrastination kinda go hand in hand. Well guys, bet you didn't expect to hear from me, cause after all, this might as well be run by Laura since shes done all the work, and yes guys, she is all mine! Be jealous, be very jealous. I'm honestly just typing the first things that come to mind. Well, work is going well, ...I suppose... My Add-Ons (sale offers that each one is a $2 commission) are going up which is great. Sleep, well, I'll put it this way, what is it? Cause lately I can't seem to get any, any suggestions please let me know! Kyle, a close friend of Laura's apparently writes lyrics, and I'm psyched, cause we started working on his song "Pray For You" and it has an AMAZING piano riff that I really enjoy. Generation Christ band practices are going good as well, we are almost ready to record three songs as a whole band, Brian (Drums), Jason (Bass), Isaac(Lead Guitar), George (Percussion, Bongos), and myself (Piano, and currently vocals)! Which also means setting up a Gen Christ MySpace band page so people can hear our sound! w00t! Umm... i'm going to the Fryeburg Fair today with my family, so I'm very excited, so guys, have a great day! I'll talk to you all later! God Bless!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Alright, as I already mentioned, I have a little bit of a different position at work, which requires a more irritating schedule.. lol... Basically, I seem to need to work every Saturday night and Monday morning... Which is really hard when you have to drive 95 miles one way to see your significant other.

Let's just leave it at that. It'll be over Oct. 31st.

I have so much to do, but I've gotten really good at procrastinating...

I used to procrastinate, but not this much.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Etch a Sketch Thursday: Week 16


You thought I forgot all about it....

Well, there was the Bekah Picture on Thurs 9/11

I did a cake the next week (it was artistic, it counts!)

And, remember, it takes 2 weeks for a painting!!


Ok, so maybe it's not done, but once I finished I just HAD to fix all it's quirks. It should be done tomorrow. Here's a preview:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So, according to the Official 2008 Hurricane Names, Hurricane Laura is next! Now, having a hurricane named after me is one thing, and there will be another in 7 years, but the previous hurricane this year was named Kyle, which happens to be the name of a blogging buddy of mine. You should check out his blog, Your Captain Speaks ;). Thanks, Kyle, for letting me know about this hurricane name phenomenon... If only Matthew came next... Matt has to wait until 2010 for his hurricane to wreak havoc!

I thought it was ironic :)