Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is me as of recently.

Chelsea (11:21:52 PM): you seem to over think.
Chelsea(11:21:53 PM): Life

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


After a longer-than-normal feeling week, I had an exciting Saturday. My Davids Bridal appointment went from three bridesmaids and a flowergirl, to five bridesmaids and a flower girl. We got a dress picked out (of course, we find the most expensive one...)

Easter was typical. Church, dinner, sleep, bloody nose... Okay, maybe the last one wasn't so typical, but whatever ;).

That night Matt and I watched "Seven Pounds" with my parents. I liked the movie, Matt did not. It wasn't a perfect analogy, but it definitely had some parallels to the Easter story. It's funny how that was the netflix movie that was sent to us, and we watched it that Easter. I won't tell you how it relates for spoiler reasons.

Matt and I just basically had an awesome time Sunday night after the movie and Monday morning before I had to go to work. After being so busy almost every weekend this year, I forgot how fun it can be to just hang out and talk and laugh.

Refreshing :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

two things

Two things I knew were inevitable happened within the past two days.

I got sick (after months of saying I hadn't been sick since last march, I knew it had to come)

And Tiger had to be put down. He was somewhere between the ages of 11-14. I've been noticing recently how "old" he has become. Walking slower, sleeping more, being more cuddly instead of playful... I did think that he would last until after I got married, but I knew that his end was coming soon.

He came inside this morning (he was outside all night) crying and not moving, and panting like a dog does (tongue out, drool and all) and so we petted him and comforted him and the rest of my family went to work and I went back to bed. He'd cry once or twice an hour, but then around 9:30am he just wouldn't stop crying so I rushed him to the vet where they told us he most likely had a blood clot blocking the blood flow to his back legs which is very painful. The last successful surgery was 16 years ago and because of his age they recommended he be put down.