Friday, July 10, 2009

Printer Woes!

I think I had a dream that I had posted this post, and maybe that's why my posting is behind. Because subconsciously, I had thought I already posted!

Anyway, so after already procrastinating on the invitations, I finally go to print them out, and my printer keeps giving me this bogus "out of paper" error. It's a bogus error because I did have paper in the printer. So I call up customer service, but because my printer is a year and a half old, it's no longer under warranty. (Keep in mind, I hardly use it. Like, under a dozen times I've printed from in in the past year and a half.)

So they give me my options:
Pay a bunch of money to have them diagnose it, additional fees apply if I have it sent in to be repaired.
Pay a larger bunch of money and I can have all my problems for three months diagnosed (or something like that)

I could pay the first amount twice, and get a brand new printer. Plus, I needed one ASAP 'cause my invitations were already late. SO -- my mom gives me an early bridal shower gift: a new printer! YAY!

I'm all excited, I set it up right away and test it out... Only to have it give me an "out of paper" error.

[pause for dramatic effect.]

At this point, I'm freaking out. It wasn't even the same brand printer (after non-quality printers plus lousy customer service, I changed brands.) The only thing I can think of is that it HAS to be me, but at least I could return this one! So I read the instructions carefully again "place paper to the far right." I look, and it's placed to what I had originally, in my haste, determined to be the "right" side. Well, the right side was the wrong side, and I had placed it to the left!

Mission Invitations: Complete.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh, how the posts pile up.

I have about 4 different post topics, and everytime I was like "Oh, I could blog about that!" another thing happened and in the little sense of order I have, I felt the need to write them chronologically.

And yes, I'm taking up a whole post to post this pre-post warning.