Friday, June 19, 2009

For the love of BLOG!


while I had imagined I would blog more now than ever before, I find myself with nothing to blog about. I haven't taken out my camera in months, probably out of spite. Yes, I love being able to carry around my point and shoot, but I find myself wanting something with a little more creative flexibility, although I know nothing of the sort is in my near future.

At my Aunt's wedding in.. 2002 (?), she had a disposable camera at every table. Alas, they were underused, so I took it upon myself to use up the remaining pictures on the cameras. Probably a couple hundred pictures. I never saw those pictures, but from then on I had dreamed of photography. I went out, and bought a decent digital camera, for the time. This was when digital was just emerging as a common item for one to own, and I was the first out of everyone I knew to have one. This lasted for about a year, then digital became REALLY popular around just about everyone I knew. And EVERYONE was interested in photography. For what became a lack of uniqueness, I backed out of photography.

While being a really good professional photographer would have its benefits, I know that's not in my future, but would still like to learn some decent skills so that I can take pictures of my own kids the way I want without paying like, a million dollars a session, which would refrain from me taking my kids to get their pictures taken which would result in me having mediocre pictures. Run on sentence much? (And yes, I responded to a run on sentence with a sentence fragment.)

And this, my friends, is why I haven't blogged. Because I have no pictures. Because my childhood dreams were crushed. Just kidding. But this is blogging, right? Letting the words form from my mind to my fingers to the keyboard to the screen.

Woah. Form from. Say that ten times fast.

P.S. I totally picked the title for this blog before I even knew what I was (not) writing about. It totally fits though :)