Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

To me, Valentine's Day is just... Silly. I'm supposed to love Matt (and show it) every day, not just on special occasions. Society has picked a day and told me that I am supposed to show my love more on this day than on any other.

But let me tell you -- When I think of the times my husband has truly shown his love for me and been extra thoughtful, I don't think of the time he surprised me with roses(2008) or set up a romantic display (2010) like every significant other in America...

I think of the day, out of the blue, when he found my favorite donut (that most DD's don't carry any more) and bought it for me. I think of the time, when I had worked hard all week, when he said "sit down, I'll clean."

I know my husband loves me not because of the effort that gets put into a holiday that requires a show of affection, but by the affection he shows when it isn't expected of him, and he does it anyway.