Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time to introduce my kitties!

This is Cloud. When we first got the kittens, she was so traumatized by everything that she hid under the couch for a week! Now, she has become the more cuddly of the two, such a lap kitty (whenever she winds down enough to cuddle...)If we have guests, she might hide for a little bit, but only for about 20 minutes, and then she gets too curious for her own good.
She seems to be the leader of the two, and I have no doubt because she is a whopping 10 or so ounces heavier than Cathryn (which is alot when you only weigh 3-4lbs!) I catch her grooming and taking care of Cathryn often.
Cloud is a very special kitty... Even though she might be the leader, that also means the leader of the mischevious type! She is ALWAYS getting into trouble! She pees on the carpet, scratches my cork board, and chews on the mini-blinds. She has also done a couple mad dashes to the bedroom (forbidden area) when she knows shes about to be punished because she can hide in there. I had a tub of pepperoni out once, looked away for no longer than 10 seconds and she managed to snatch one right out of the bucket without me noticing.
Cloud is techinically Matt's cat, he named her, and its quite obvious.... Matt prefers dogs, and lo and behold... She might as well be one! She's always begging for our food, chasing her tail for 20+ minutes at a time, and drinking out of the toilet whenever we leave the seat up, even if she has her own water. But we love her.

This is my baby, Cathryn, or Cat for short. I love cats and when I was little wanted my name to be "kitty." I thought it would be cool to name my kid Cathryn (cat for short) but there are two things that made me name my kitten the name I love instead... 1: everyone who has the name Catherine/Kathryn hates it. 2: I do not have the heart to knowingly name my child "Cat Stevens." :(... Anyway, back to the kitty!
This picture does not do her justice! She is completely adorable, the vets assistant could not stop commenting on how adorable and beautiful she was! You cant see in this picture, but she's got patches of color on her white little legs, and the patches of color have stripes just like the upperside of her body! They drive me crazy with cuteness!
While Cloud is more mischevious, Cat has always been the more playful kitty by far! She's always running around finding something to play with and nipping on your fingers and attacking your toes! Never once was she a shy kitty. She likes to be held, but only if you're standing up. She is reluctant to cuddle on top of you, but will happily ball up a few inches away. (Cloud would happily fall asleep in your arms if you held her like a baby... cutest thing ever...)

Yes, Cat has her naughty times.... Which is pretty much daily they both get the squirt bottle! But they've gotten better. They still wait outside the bedroom door, but don't try to hard to get in (at least with me, because I immediately put my foot out and push them away.) They also don't try to get on the table nearly as much.... When I'm looking. They don't try to sneak into the cabinets or fridge, which is a relief! But they do unroll toilet paper, knock over the bathroom trash can whenever they can, move every rug in the apartment that's not stapled to the floor, knock whatever they can off the desk, and try to steal human food whenever they get the chance.

But I love the little beasties.