Monday, May 18, 2009


Hey all!

Its the weird guy that the girl seems to talk about all the time. Lets see, where to start, I really miss her, this new job schedule really doesn't give us much time together, pray God opens doors for both of us so we can be together more often, especially after the wedding, I couldn't imagine barely seeing her. Last Monday, 5/11/09 I had a sleep apnea test, well, I was supposed to, until I passed out and had a seizure. I bring this up for two reasons, one not all of you knew about that, secondly, a week from tomorrow (5/26/09 at 8:30pm) I redo the test, with more trained staff, pray God keeps me calm, and we don't have a repeat attack. Finally, to close our this session of the random guy rant I leave you with a new song I just wrote, please leave your opinion of these lyrics:

Your love is raining over me
It splashes like a river, it renews me
Your love is like a raging fire
it ignites my soul forever, it consumes me
Your love helps me to grow
like an evergreen, it strengthens me
Your love is like the sun in the sky
its my ray of hope, and my song

Compassionate Lord
Teach me Your Word
So I may flourish in Your Kingdom
Compassionate Lord
Lend me Your Word
So I can influence the nations
Compassionate Lord
Show me Your Word
So I can forgive myself
When I fail

Love never stops pursuing
Love persists even when others resist
Love is an action, my motivation
Love is a language, and i'm gonna scream it out loud

Friday, May 15, 2009


I am excited to announce that school is OUT FOR THE SUMMER!

But my workload has yet increased. I stared a second job on 5/5 and have been working 45+ hours a week the past two weeks. It's exhausting. I will never understand how people can regularly work 60 hours per week.

Sheesh. I thought I had more to talk about. Oh, here:

I found out today that approximately 30,000 Americans per year experience what is called "Anesthesia Awareness." While they are "under anesthesia" they are somewhat aware of what is going on, ranging from just remembering a few words uttered during surgery to a complete recollection! As in, the patient was completely aware of what was going on while they were being operated on, but they are paralyzed from the anesthesia.

Read one woman's experience here.