Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Some awkward things that people have said to me thus far in my pregnancy:

"Oh my God, you're like a ball with legs!" -Anthony A.

"I just want to make sure your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach... Although that's admittedly pretty hard right now." -Matt

"If you were to do a pencil dive into the pool right now, would it still be considered a belly flop?" -Matt

"Smile, it's not like you're carrying an extra *hesitates* 50 pounds right now or anything!" - a coworker, when I had gained not even half that at that point...


Bruce Henson said...

Funny...I think...I mean...the simple fact is, men never really know what to say to a pregnant woman, because a pregnant woman is an ethereal, alien, Jekyl-Hyde type of being, a hormones-gone-wild amusement park of emotions. Men don't do well in these high-estrogen environments. Do you want to be told you "look good" when you're looking like THAT? Or do you want to be told you've "looked better" when, obviously, you DID look better when you weren't pregnant, and even after you deliver, you're still going to look like you are in your 4th or 5th month. Wait, I didn't mean to say that. No you're not, you're

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