Saturday, August 10, 2013

An Explosion of Pink!

On April 17h, Matt and I received the wonderful news that we were expecting a baby girl! And thats when it happened. No matter my drive to keep the pink in check, all of a sudden everything pink just seemed irresistible to both me and everyone who wanted to shower our baby girl with gifts!

After MUCH deliberation, Matt and I decided on the name Elise Marie (in the end, I left it up to Matt.) We both liked the name Elise just from the way it sounds, but here were some other reasons we love the name Elise:

  • Meaning: God is my oath
  • It is a shortened version of the name Elisabeth, which was Matt's Nana's name.
  • Marie is a family name on my side, my Great Aunt is Marie, my grandmother is Louise Marie, my Aunt is Lynn Marie, and my mother's confirmation name was Susan Marie
  • Elise, while not an unusual name, is not overly popular (at least as of 2013!)
 Other names we considered:
  • Caroline (This was the second choice, possibly Caroline Grace)
  • Grace (I would have loved the name Grace, but ultimately it is a very popular name and my friend Heather's son (Born in July) is named Grayson)
  • Eden (My ultimate favorite, except - Eden Stevens. Say it out loud, I dare you.)

My morning sickness finally subsided around week 16 of pregnancy, and since then this pregnancy has been pretty easy-going. I still have all the usual symptoms: heartburn, back pain, insomnia, etc. but nothing compares to the morning sickness! I actually think if I didn't have such bad nausea in the beginning, I would probably be a lot more pathetic about my current woes!

To close: A funny conversation between Matt and I regarding my stretch marks:

Me: I have more belly scars than you now.
Matt: Yeah, but mine is a cooler story.
Me: Cooler than creating a new human life?
Matt: I hate you.


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